The Content Marketing Process

The 6 Parts to the Content Marketing Process - A Comprehensive Solution to Generate Leads Online

The Content Marketing Process used with the Content Launchpad product is designed to be cost effective yet still drive traffic and leads to your site. We start with Keyword Research, building a One Page Website and Social Channels. Then we start to publish content onto the website that gets shared to your social channels. This attracts customers to your site and grows the size of your website as content gets published to it. This process, combined with link building, achieves higher rankings for your site which results in traffic from search results and more leads generated. See each section below to see exactly what the Content Launchpad Process entails:

1. Keyword Research

What is Keyword Research?

Key word / Key phrase research is the process of researching what the exact search terms people are searching for in search engines to find the products / services you deliver. We use cutting edge software to query the search engine databases to find what people are typing into search engines the most often. When we are looking to find keywords, there are three things we are looking for to know if we have found a good key word for a project:

  1. Many people are searching for the keyword (it has a high volume)
  2. Not many other websites are targeting that keyword (low competition)
  3. It is a term that accurately reflects the services you offer

If we find a keyword (really its a key phrase because its a combination of words) that matches the above three criteria, we then target that word in the website and / or content we build for you. We target that keyword by placing it strategically within the content we write for you, in the websites and social media channels we build for you, as well as in the links that we build for you as part of the Content Launchpad System. As you can see, keyword research forms the basis of all we do and is an essential part of any online marketing strategy.

By using the keyword in the various tasks of the Content Launchpad process, our aim is to get your website to appear on page 1 of Google when that keyword is searched. This means it has to score in the top ten websites for that keyword. 95% of searches will result in people clicking on a page 1 result so it is essential to be on page one.

What is the Keyword Research Process?

Lets say you repaired Ipads. You wanted to get found online but had no idea where to start. You had some ideas about what people were searching for but no real data. At this point many will spend thousands on a website or ad campaign and simply guess what they think people are searching for.

When people guess one of two things usually happen:

1. They target a keyword that no one is searching for.

2. They target a keyword that is popular and 100’s of other websites are targeting – making it virtually impossible to ever get to page one for that search.

The first thing we do is to see what people are searching for and come up with a list of search phrases that match what you do. In the case of iPad repairs, we have queried the Google database and returned a list of relevant search phrases.

Keyword Research Process

After retrieving a list of relevant search phrases we then need to analyise them to see if they are worth targeting. The main point of our analysis is to find phrases that have a high search volume, high search value and low competition. In other words, we are looking for phrases that are used often, by people looking to buy, that haven’t been targeted by other websites:Keyword-Analysis

In our analysis above we have found two keywords that fit the criteria: “applie ipad repair cost” and “ipad repair perth”. Both these words have above 50 monthly searches, but importantly a low TA comp – which basically means not many web pages are targeting these keywords in their title and anchor text. Therefore we are likely to get on page 1 if we target these phrases.

Once we have identified our keywords there are a few more steps we take. One of the main steps is analysing the 10 page 1 webpages for the results of these search terms. This will indicate to us the likelihood of being able to achieve a page one result if we target the keyword. For example if we find a number of the page 1 websites are low quality with not many backlinks, we know that if we put together a quality web page targeting that keyword we are likely to see it make it to page 1. Why is getting to page 1 so important? Because 96% of people don’t go beyond page 1 on a Google search. They either click on a page 1 result that sounds like what they were looking for, or they search again using another phrase.

2. Website Design*

*Built in month 1 for a minimum 6 month Content Launchpad

What's Included in the Website?

Our Websites are fully responsive to any screen size – so they look great on an iPad or Mobile. They are Conversion Focused which means we are looking to move the visitor from visiting your website to contacting you. We do this via a number of measures such as  highlighted / fixed Contact Buttons and fixed Contact details on every page. The website we build for you is Search Engine Optimised which means we target keywords within the page content, as well as title and meta descriptions. There are also a number of other important measures we take to ensure the site is optimised for Search Engines.

What if I Want Some Extra Features?

We can create Extra Features for your website such as a Shop, Extra Pages, Custom Forms etc. There are additional costs for these due to the length of time involved in creating them. For a clearer breakdown of the prices please go to our main company website, OneStop Designs. Here you will see a range of features and the pricing for each. Feel free to contact us for a custom quote based on the features you need for your website.

What is the Design Process?

Once you purchase your content Launchpad, you can fill out the Web design form which can be accessed from the My Account Page. This form covers everything about your One Page Website including, URL, Your Logo, Your Social Media Channels, Your Services, Your Contact Details, Your Colour Scheme and So on. Once you complete the form and send it to us we get on with building and developing your site on our fast Australian Servers.

To Build your Website, we Currently use one of two Premium WordPress Themes to build your Website. We are able to customise these themes and produce something that is unique and professional for your brand. Within these themes are the options to add Your Company Logo, Information and Company Colours. They provide a great foundation for your online success.

The Two themes:

1. Altitude Theme by Studiopress

With built in SEO and Microdata, this theme is best for emphasising Search Engine Optimisation. Articles published to this Site will be quickly indexed and recognised by search engines. Here are some Websites we have built using the Altitude Theme:

FCF Fire & Electrical Melbourne

Stay Green Gardening

2. Divi Theme by Elegant Themes

This theme is best for producing a visually stunning website. Articles published to this Site will look amazing. We use this theme on most of the websites we have built including:

Southcity Landscaping

Ducted Air Perth* (multi page version)

What is the Total Cost?
What is the Total Cost?

The Cost is the first month of your Content Launchpad Plan. The plan is for a minimum of 3 months so in total the cost is:

  • Basic Plan with 2 Social Media Channels: $1050 for 3 months
  • Standard Plan with 3 Social Media Channels: $1500 for 3 months
  • Advanced Plan with 5 Social Media Channels: $2250 for 3 months

Extra Features beyond what is supplied as part of your Content Launchpad, such as a shop or extra pages, will incur an additional cost. As you can see this is phenomenal value when compared to traditional website builds. We are excited to offer such an effective system at a great price to help your business grow.

What About Domain Name and Hosting?

Hosting is included for the life of the Content Launchpad plan. We only use premium, fast Australian Hosting so you can be sure that your website gains maximum exposure to your market. If you discontinue your Content Launchpad System, you can continue to have your website hosted with us for $15 / month.

The Domain Name registration is an additional cost. If you already have a domain name we are happy for you to remain the Registry Holder for that domain name and just point the name server details to our servers. If you don’t have a domain name we can help you secure one when you sign up to the Content Launchpad.

Can I Edit My Website?

We provide you with login and access details to your website so you can go in and change the content that is published on it. We can also provide an instructional video on how to do this. You are also free to add your own content to the website to compliment the articles that are being produced for you. We will share with you the best practices for the articles you write in order to ensure they get indexed and ranked well with Google. We can also provide you with keywords to target in your articles.

3. Social Media Channels

Why is Using Social Media Important for Business?

Social Media presents a powerful way to communicate and get your business noticed online. People interact with social media everyday and trust the recommendations of their friends and the reviews of happy customers. If you produce a great product or service, then let us help you get noticed by setting up your social media channels and publishing articles about your business every month.

When your website pages get shared and liked on social media, this improves your website ranking through something called Social Signals. Google now considers social signals as an important ranking factor because it is an indicator of quality content that people are engaging with. Google’s priority is to serve up results that people are likely to engage and interact with because that ensures people will continue to use Google as their search engine of choice.

What do you do when it comes to Social Channels?

In the First month of your Content Launchpad we set up your Social Channels or request access to your channels if you already have them. The purpose of getting access is so that we are

  1. Able to connect your Website to the Social Channels
  2. Incorporate the Keywords we research in step 1 into your Social Channel Descriptions
  3. Add professional branding and artwork across your Social Pages with a focus on conversion

The Social Channels we work with for your business include:

  1. Google Plus – Highest priority because it turns up in Google Search Results and improves your website ranking
  2. Facebook – Highly engaged social platform with great advertising options
  3. Twitter – Popular Social Channel
  4. Linked in – Great if your market is business owners
  5. Youtube – Second highest platform for online searches
  6. Pinterest – Emerging platform with a visual emphasis
  7. Instagram – Emerging platform with a visual emphasis


What Branded Artwork Do You Create On Social Media?

When we set up your Social Channels, we also create Branded Channel Artwork which is consistent with your website design and brand. This communicates a strong, professional message about your Business brand on the Social Channel. It also provides an opportunity to convert visitors right there on your social channel. Where possible, we will use your channel artwork to present your services, logo, and a way of contacting you. This maximises the opportunity for visitors to contact you and convert to a possible lead.

professional social media artwork

The Example above is of Channel Artwork we have created for one of our clients, Ducted Air Perth. As you can see We have used the opportunity to not only create strong branding and imagery, but also to communicate some key aspects of this companies focus through both the Facebook Cover Art and the Profile Picture. For every aspect of the Content Launchpad we try to maximise opportunity to convert visitors into clients.

Can I Manage the Social Media Pages that are Built?

Of Course! In Fact that is the preferred method as it provides you direct access to those who Like and Follow Your Social Media Channels. We initially develop the channel description and “about” sections of the channel to target keywords. We also create artwork that is consistent with your brand and targeted to convert clients.

Once these are created, our ongoing involvement in your Social Media Channel is the sharing of articles to it when they are published. Responding to visitors questions and comments is not part of the Content Launchpad Service but can be added for an additional fee.

4. Content Creation

What is Content Creation and Why Is it Important?

Content Creation is the publishing of regular, ongoing information about your business such as Industry News, Recent Work, Tips & How To’s etc. It is an indespensible Marketing practise in an age of Blogging and Social Media.

Publishing regular information from your Business keeps it fresh in the minds of your potential customers. As a result of Social Media, people readily consume current news and events. People are ready to engage with new content if they find the information useful. This gives you a golden opportunity as a Business to publish and be seen by your local market. Utilising Keyword research, we publish your story on your website blog and push it to your various social media platforms such as Facebook, Google +, linked in and twitter. The result is constant traffic engagement and a website Google loves.


How Is Content Created?

When determining what articles we write for your business from month to month, we consider the following:

  1. Who is your intended market?
  2. What are your products / services you are marketing?
  3. Who are your main competitors?
  4. What Key Words and Phrases did we find in our online search?
  5. Who is Ranking above you in online searches for Key Phrases?

Using these 5 points above, we determine a good topic to write on and identify a keyword we are targeting with the content. We then find 2 or 3 articles about the topic online and provide them to our content writers to research and generate their own article. We set up a layout for the article which our content writers work within and usually include some sort of call to action at the end of the article. This Call to Action encourages readers to contact the company for further information with a link to the contact page.

An example of a short article that has been created by our content writers is here and another one here.



What if I Want to Contribute to the Content?

You are welcome to have a little or high degree of input into the Article. There is a form in the My Account Section where you can send through information for the type of article you would like written. If you don’t have time to contribute, we are happy to completely drive the process based on your market and product and the keywords we find that would be good to rank for. The end goal is always to generate traffic to your website through high rankings and social sharing which convert to enquiries for you to convert to customers.

5. Publish and Share

What Happens in the Publishing Process?

Once the article is written, we publish it to your website. It is at the point of publishing that the article is also shared out to all your Social Media channels. We have found that simultaneous publishing and sharing helps with generating early momentum for your new article, giving it a greater chance of ranking well and / or improving the overall ranking of the website.

Part of the publishing process we select and optimise a relevant featured image which gets published with the article and is featured when the article is shared in certain Social Media channels. We also write a Meta Title for your post and a Meta Description for your post, using the keyword we are targeting in both the title and description – sending the search engines a clear message that the content is relevant to the keyword we have used.

6. Link Building

What is Organic Link Building?

First Link Building is simple the links that are on other websites, that when clicked on take the visitor to your website. Since the start of the internet, the number of links a website has pointed to it from other websites has been a major determining factor in how high that website ranked.

Originally Google did not evaluate the quality of the link source. The websites with the most backlinks simply ranked higher than everyone else. As a result people developed programs and scripts that entered your links everywhere on the internet and that effectively caused their websites to rank higher. This spammy, link building practise is referred to as “black hat” link building because it is essentially an attempt to manipulate Google results. Google was ranking websites with many backlinks highly because in theory that meant it was a quality site that everyone liked. In practice though, it just encouraged manipulative link building strategies with no quality or indication of strong content. As a result Google revised it’s algorithm in 2011 and many sites that engaged in “Black Hat” link building tactics lost their rankings overnight.

Organic Link Building = Good Link Building or “white hat” link building

Today Google rates the quality of the backlink much higher than the quantity of backlinks. The result is that there is no longer any room for manipulative Black Hat SEO tactics. This is good news for people who are willing to invest time and money into creating quality content and articles that people actually want to link to. Our link building strategy is based on building up quality, natural links in places that people are looking for your product or service.

How Does Content Launchpad Build links to my site?

There are a number of ways we build links to your site:

  1. Local Directory listings such as Yellow Pages and Sensis each month – low quality links, but provide a foundation (with Moderate Impact) EXAMPLE
  2. Web Properties – Writing articles on blogging sites (Very High Impact) EXAMPLE
  3. Guest Post DA 10+ – Writing articles on sites with a Domain Authority of at least 10 (Very High Impact) EXAMPLE
  4. Guest Post DA 20+ – Writing articles on Higher Reputation sites with a Domain Authority of at least 20 (Very High Impact) EXAMPLE
  5. Pro Press Release – A News Story is created using your company information and distributed to a number of News Websites including Google News (High Impact)

These Methods are completely organic and white hat methods as they involve writing real information and articles and incorporating links to your site in these articles. These articles are primarily written for search engine rankings, but can result in people visiting the site through the link. This is particularly the case for Directory Listings and Pro Press Releases.

What Are the Levels of Link Building for Each Plan?

Depending on the Level of Content Launchpad you are on, you will have the following Link building tactics used for your website:

Basic Organic Link Building:

  • Directory Listings
  • Web Properties

Standard Organic Link Building

  • Directory Listings
  • Web Properties
  • DA 10+ Articles

Advanced Organic Link Building

  • Directory Listings
  • Web Properties
  • DA 10+ Articles
  • DA 20+ Articles
  • Pro Press Releases

Custom Link Building

For those who want extra power and fast ranking results we offer DA 40+ and 50+ Articles. This is Articles written on sites that have an extremely high domain authority and are ranking very high on google. Back links on such sites result in strong ranking performance and a lot of natural traffic through the article itself. To get onto these sites, we must have a good working relationship with these sites and produce content of an exceptional nature. As a result the price alone for these links are $600 and can’t be included in the Content Launchpad packages as we wanted to keep them as affordable as possible. However, if you want to Rank aggressively this is the Product for you. Contact us to find out more.

Crowd Searching

This technique generates very fast results for your website. It does not involve link building but is a method where many searches for your brand are made over a period of time from a number of locations. This sends a powerful signal to Google that you are an authoritative brand in your industry and you will see ranking improvements across many of your keywords. If you want to quick impact on your rankings then this is the product for you. Prices for this service start at $350. Contact Us Today for more information.