The Story Behind Content Launchpad

The Content Marketing System for Your Business

James Alviani – Founder, Content Launchpad

I’ve built a lot of websites for business owners over the years. Most had good intentions to keep their website and social media channels up to date with blogging and company news. They knew that constant, relevant online information about their business would keep them ranking well and engaged with their visitors.

But the problem is that Business Owners get too busy to write consistently. And when they do write, they were not sure if they were targeting the right keywords and optimising their content for search engines. As a result not much blog writing happened and their websites  grew stagnant with outdated information and empty social channels.

We formed the Content Launchpad System as a remedy for this problem. We have fine tuned it to generate leads for businesses while still remaining cost effective. Read about the full process of Content Launchpad.

“I want to thank James for his outstanding work. His customer service is outstanding I couldn’t ask for more.”

– Mandy Maddestra, Crystal Skin Therapies


Why Content Marketing Works Today

When the internet started to rapidly expand in the 90’s Search Engines scrambled to provide those who searched with relevant and accurate answers. Initially Websites would simply add “meta keywords” to their web pages and search engines would deliver those pages to those who searched using the keyword. They prioritised the pages that contained more backlinks than other pages. Backlinks were simply links from other websites on the internet to that page.

As the internet became more competitive in the early 2000’s so too did the rise in spammy automated link building. Anyone who wanted to rank would pay an SEO company to build links for their website. SEO companies would use automated scripts to publish links all over the web on directories, comment fields and web sites built for the sole purpose of hosting backlinks. This system only encouraged, poor low quality links that chocked up the internet.

Around 2010 Google released a new algorithm which targeted sites with a high quantity of low quality backlinks. Many sites saw their rankings drop overnight because of their attempts to manipulate the search results. A high amount of backlinks was meant to indicate a quality site that many people liked. In reality however, it encouraged low quality link building practices now referred to as “Black Hat SEO”.

Since 2010 the Algorithm has been revised a number of times but the focus is essentially the same. Google want to deliver good quality web content to those who use its search engine. This is how Google can remain competitive, popular and maintain its revenue through Adwords (Billions of dollars!). Google wants to answer the searches that people type into Google. So how is it doing that? Good question. There are many factors that will cause a website  to rank over another today (over 200 according to Google). But the main ones are:

  1. Quantity of Content – A large amount of Content on a page is very important
  2. Quality Content – How is this measured? A number of factors including Low Bounce Rate, High amount of Shares on Social Media, Time users spend on the page and much more
  3. Quality Backlinks – Low Quality Backlinks are dead. But Backlinks from high quality, reputable sources are like Gold to Google and great for your rankings.
  4. Speed of Site – Will it load quickly? – Google doesn’t want to keep people waiting even if it is good on page content.
  5. Responsiveness of Site – Does the website work on both a normal PC and a mobile? – There are now more Google Searches on Mobile devices than PCs.

As you can see, it’s now difficult to rank well if you do not have quality Content on your website. That is why content marketing is so important both today and into the future. – Its hard to see Google ever wanting to punish websites that deliver quality content that answers the questions of those who search.

Content Marketing is already becoming the dominant way Businesses achieve an engaging online presence. For those who are starting now, we believe they are getting a head start over the competition. More content in more places for longer is always going to be an advantage. That is why we believe that Content Launchpad is the best way to be online for a business.